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What we do.

Merkletrees is a full stack Web3 & blockchain outfit that does Web3 & blockchain innovation, consultancy, certification, and education.


We are big believers of the Web3 and blockchain space— We love creating innovative high-impact solutions for the ecosystem, designing well-tailored solutions for our clients, and fortifying the education landscape by creating and curating capacity building programs for the sector.


We handhold clients — from inception to completion or at critical junctures— as they embark on new blockchain projects and adoption. We are able to assist in conceptualising the right blockchain fit to architecting blockchain frameworks to project managing blockchain projects.


We help clients succeed in attaining the necessary blockchain certifications through advisory and internal capacity building.


We design, create, host, and roll out blockchain and blockchain-related programs.
Our program bank includes:

  •  Blockchain for Fintech

  •  Blockchain for Medicine

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